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Luxury villas Novalja Croatian firm PALAESTRA presents concept design for 4 luxury villas: Primavera, Estate, Autunno and Inverno 600 m from the sea and with impressive lot on  3.800 m2 construction land in Novalja.   Villas Primavera, Estate and Autunno:  basement, ground floor, floor, roof terrace, GBP 590 m2, lot cca. 840 m2   Villa Inverno: basement, ground floor, 2 floors, GBP 513 m2, lot 580 m2  Special focus was on energy-efficient construction through building envelope, usage of passive windows and doors, installation of heat pump, photovoltaic cells  and green roof.   Thanks to the mild slope and irregular shape of villas each of them will have a direct seaview. Special care is dedicated to the landscape work of the infield which  includes Mediterranean plants. For all the villas, as for the access route all property legal relations are solved and obtaining of location permits is in progress.   download catalog
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